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Anchovy Sauce 멸치액젓

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대나무채로 덮어 자연숙성한 원액의 깊은 감칠맛이 살아 있습니다. 김치,조림, 무침, 국 등 다양한 요리에 활용해보세요.

The Anchovy Sauce is a naturally aged anchovy soy sauce, which has a deep savory taste and is made from the finest quality ingredients. Anchovies are rich in high-quality proteins and minerals, thus they are also used as a food ingredient. Anchovies are also known to be rich in Vitamin A and Omega 3, which is helpful for your heart, skin, and diet.

Taste our anchovy sauce made with fresh ingredients in Korea. Organic, authentic, and pure as the day is long. In contrast to other fish sauces on the market, ours is truly undiluted with no artificial preservatives or stabilizers (think MSG!) and has been aged for at least a year in cedar barrels. The deep savory taste of the naturally aged undiluted liquor is preserved. Use it in various dishes such as kimchi, stewed food, seasoned salad, and soup.


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