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Jongga White Kimchi 종가 백김치 500g (1.1 LBS)

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White kimchi is a variation of the more commonly known red kimchi. While red kimchi is made using a spicy chili pepper paste, giving it its signature red color and bold flavor, white kimchi is typically made without the red chili pepper flakes, resulting in a milder taste and a pale, creamy appearance.

  1. Color and Appearance: White kimchi has a pale, whitish color due to the absence of red chili pepper flakes. It often looks more subtle and less vibrant than its red counterpart.

  2. Flavor Profile: White kimchi generally has a milder and less spicy taste compared to red kimchi. It might have a slightly tangy, slightly sour, and subtly garlicky flavor. The absence of red chili pepper allows other flavors, such as the natural vegetable and seasoning flavors, to come forward.

  3. Ingredients: The main ingredients of white kimchi typically include napa cabbage, radish, scallions, garlic, ginger, and various seasonings such as salt, sugar, and fish sauce (or other umami-rich alternatives).

  4. Fermentation: Similar to red kimchi, white kimchi undergoes a fermentation process where the vegetables and seasonings are allowed to develop their flavors over time. This fermentation process can vary in length depending on the desired level of sourness and complexity of flavors.

  5. Health Benefits: Kimchi in general is known for its potential health benefits, including probiotics from the fermentation process, vitamins, and fiber from the vegetables, and potential immune-boosting properties.

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